What is this site?

Fourteen places to eat is a photoblog I started in 2004 after moving to the small town of Walkerton, IN. I had stopped taking photos and decided that posting a photo a day would help me to get started again. This photoblog ended in 2009 but is archived here.

Why fourteen places to eat?

When I first moved to Walkerton, one of my biggest complaints was that there were not enough places to eat out. Or, rather, practically no places to eat out. So I was happy when news arrived that a new restaurant was opening there. Imagine my surprise when I read a letter to the editor in the local paper against the new restaurant. The letter stated we already had enough places to eat in this town. The writer counted a total of fourteen places to eat, which included four restaurants, three gas stations, four bars, a truck stop, a convenience mart, and a bowling alley.

What are you doing now?

I am still living in Indiana and am still photographing. You can see my recent work here — www.fourteenplacestoeat.com

Kay Westhues

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